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Beware of false knowledge; it is more dangerous than ignorance.

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Shelter is categorized as a safety need — acording to Abraham Maslow in his 1943 paper A Theory of Human Motivation. While many would describe a personal website to be a "shelter on the internet", the lack of one does not result in any adverse impacts. I agree with others that a personal website acts as a business card, but in a digital form. Certainly you can't replace the satisfaction of handing one out in person, but the medium in which the internet is based on makes such a transaction impossible. DarK_St3alth's Logo Here you should find all the answers you seek as to my qualifications, be it in the creative or logical departments. This website was also created to demonstrate my skill set on both of those formentioned fronts. While browsing my website, should you have more questions, you can find my contact information below in the footer of all pages.

Speaking of footers, there are four other pages (besides this landing page). I would recommend you vist them all, but if you lack time to explore, the Screenshots page is a safe bet. The titles of each page should speak for themselves. Any past, current, or future projects will be released on the Projects page. Screenshots contains a long series of images that should display in the form of a gallery. Servers contains a listing of what I maintain in the cyber space commonly called the internet. I used to run game servers (and at one point, as a provider of game servers). I currently find little time to bask in fond memories of my previous game servers. While this page seems to serve the same purpose as the About page, this lacks any insights, especially when it comes to my Avatar you have likely seen elsewhere.

Modern Web Development Continued: When Images Aren't Images

2020-10-02 00:37:02 UTC 

Continuing the "Modern Web Development" trend of posts, I examine the bizarre and backwards trend of how images aren't treated as images.

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Modern Web Development, Imgur, and Images

2020-09-22 20:10:02 UTC What happens when leading online platforms like Imgur throw out common sense and replace it with Javascript? You require javascript to load an image in your browser.Comments View Full Article

The Newest Article!

2020-09-10 00:01:13 UTC This is the first post written with the back end hooked up to a database. It will make adding posts and articles easier, while allowing for text content to sit on a separate server. The text for the complete post is also separate.Comments View Full Article

2017–09–20 20:42 GMT–6 The website has been revamped, thanks in part to my efforts towards making a more professional layout with CSS and HTML5. In regards to the font being used for the quotes at the top of every page, I'm considering chaning it back to a "blocky" sans-serif. Items that have been inproved include: Upgrade to Font Awesome 5, removing all external resources (from Google's API for example), making the site run perfectly without Javascript, placing CSS in it's own seperate files, and more. While the site might not look completely different, the "internal" parts of it have significantly improved. Comments View Full Article

2016–09–19 23:05 GMT–6 The “theme” for the website now supports pictures for each posting. I’ve chosen one from Ghost in the Shell, a live-action rendition of the animated franchise.Comments Disabled

2016–09–19 23:05 GMT–6 The initial build and design of the website is complete. The site will be powered by a custom from-scratch CMS. The reason for this is to maximize security, minimize code size, optimize speed, and only contain features I need. More content will be added to the website as time goes on.Comments Disabled