Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.

 This page lists some servers that I run for the public to enjoy.

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US Sarah Hall - Web/Email

 Sarah Hall voiced by Katee Sackhoff in Call of Duty Black Ops III was chosen for the name of the web/email server. Hall has a "ruthless" atitude to her, very much like how email and web hosting work. It has to be done, and that's the end of it. Katee Sackhoff is better known for her actress role in Battlestar Galactica — a Sci-Fi series I recommended watching. Katee also did motion capture and voice over for Black Ops III.


US Adventure - Game

 I had intended to pick a character's name for each server, but nothing seemed to fit. My game server was in fact the original host for website and email as well. To say that the server has brought only adventure would be a terrible understatement, it has opened so many doors for me.


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 Unknown - Donate today!

 Like most of everything in this world, it costs something to get it. To be absolutely certain though, you still have to give something up to get something else. I pay for these servers out of my own pocket, and will probably continue to maintain and manage them as long as it doesn't burn a whole in my pocket. Please concider donating to keep this website with its great content along with the other servers alive. Thank you.